Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Opportunity doesn't so much knock...

as it does wait for you to knock it down. With both hands.
The best part of NYC is how it keeps people on their toes. You can never let your guard down or you're liable to get mugged, robbed, pushed around or generally hustled. You must be constantly aware of the infinite number of people who can do what you do better than you do it. But god damn it if getting your tiny, soaking wet (ok this is becoming slightly autobiographical) feet in the door isn't a bajillion times more satisfying here because of it.
NYC: turning kittens into tigers since 1901.
Last evening i was fortunate enough to work freelance for this site here, taking some photographs of the glorious work of a one Mr. Jason Troisi. Donning a press pass and feeling entitled to documenting everything around you is definitely something i can get used to. Peep some of my favorite images from his show, and keep checking Tony Triumphant's blog because he was kind enough to give your girl a shot, and his page is kind of amazing.

and my personal favorite...
the McQueen-esque, dehumanizing in a fun way, full body jumpsuit for aliens.

All in all, Troisi's work had this industrial feel, super masculine for the men and wearably feminine on the ladies. It was bondage without the kinky and disturbing undertones, zippers and leather without the tired goth feel. I don't know how he did it. Everything looked stitched together with his teeth, and kind of undone but in a way that made sense. It was like Edward Scissorhands! With an even better soundtrack. (Sorry, Danny Elfman but Jason Troisi's show had Bob Dylan)