Friday, October 21, 2011

festivo de musico

i have the good fortune of working for many a publication as a freelance (emphasis on free) writer and photographer. Last weekend, the lovely people at had me down in Pensacola, FL scoping out the awesome bands.
i am now a fan of several people i had never heard of before, and a bigger fan of people i loved already.
Check this out for my full coverage, and for your immediate satisfaction here are my favorite photos.

Man. These are good.

Manchester Orchestra

The Shins

The Airborne Toxic Event

Cowboy Mouth



Saturday, October 8, 2011


Nobody i've talked to, including those present and active, are fully cognizant of what exactly is going down on Wall St. But it is for sure being occupied. Although technically it's not Wall St proper, but a small square park in the Financial District - that's just an unworthy distinction.

Not being politically minded in any way, i doubt i would have much interest in the hullabaloo even if it made make some modicum of sense. What i can appreciate is the overwhelming creativity, resourcefulness and generosity present in the atmosphere. People sewing sleeping bags, painting clothing, painting each other, shouting original poems, bringing back the art of protest singing, opening libraries, passing out food, and holding giGANtic drum circles for any reason, on any grounds make me happy. Style, art, and love are reason enough to stand up and shout.



That's his mommy!

and a good time was had by all.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parallel Synchronized Randomness

My favorite movie ever made, out of the dozen that i've actually seen, starring Gael Garcia Bernal, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Golden the Ponyboy, directed by Michel Gondry - God of all things moving, beautiful, and weird, discusses the theory of PSR in some detail, using aerial footage of Paris streets, Barbie dolls, and stop motion graphics on a chalkboard, as well as Gael's gorgeous face.

Basically it's like more than one person thinking the same thing at the same time for no reason other than the universe's habit of running on a mathematical system too complex for humans to understand, although we are faced with the undeniable results. These results include: the sidewalk dance, yawning in unison, and this year's Fashion Week collections shown in Milan, London, and New York City by Prada, Marni, and Louise Grey to name a few (and my favorites).

Marni in Milan (The Sartorialist)

Louise Grey (Style Bubble)
Prada in London (The Sartorialist)

So, where is all this passion for baubles and 3D fashion fun coming from? Are you all copycats? More likely, we all get bored of the same things around the same time. Just let me keep wearing stockings with high-heeled shoes and i'll be happy. Thank you, fashion.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Big Apple

Here are a couple little secrets about the New City of York:

1)   Arranging to meet somebody “by the televisions” in Times Square is really, REALLY stupid. Moronic, base, inane, and an all around terrible plan. It took me 3 hours to find this person.
2)   Times Square is a bit anti-climactic. Well, it’s dazzling and all but only for a split second. When you realize you’re just looking at a 3-story American Eagle and an obnoxiously lit McDonald’s, the charm fizzles faster than the seltzer in that egg cream you were brave enough to try.
3)   HOWEVER, what makes Times Square worth the visit are all the apparently recently lapsed Amish families of varying nationalities positively swept up in the hustle, bustle and abject, rather intrusive, commercialism. Everywhere are gaping mouths, pointed fingers, and eyes lit up like the giant guitar hanging on the Hard Rock CafĂ©. 

It’s rather adorable. So I stalked them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

speaking of wanting things

i know how badly you all want me. That's why you're here reading, faithfully, week after week. All 6 of you...
Here are some more ways to keep up with me on the internet machine including:
Music reviews!! Boom shaka
fashion news, photos and more reviews! Laka!
What can i say, people crave my opinion. For free, anyway.

More to come for certain as i have a handful of exciting new projects in the works including the publication on actual paper of my writing, some interviews with people whose names you might actually recognize, and film/photography/choreography plans that if not executed soon will eat my brain alive.

In the meantime, to satiate your ktmo craving, check out these awesome photos i picked up from the 7th Ave School flea market on Sunday. Black and white originals that have given me a brilliant interior design idea for the new digs (using the over-long hallway for photography curation) and a new photography venture (i can't tell you or i'd have to kill you.)

yep. one's making a puppet and one is selling monkeys.

Ah, the olden days.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gimme gimme gimme

Poetic License lace ankle boots

Sony HVR-Z5U High Definition handheld professional camcorder

M. Zuiko digital 45 mm PEN portrait lens

1962 Armstrong 49 cm 3 speed bicycle

Lula's Sweet Apothecary hot fudge sundae
 All in all, i've saved about $5000.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Producers' Club

First: a little background.
The Producers' Club exists on 44th St, straddling the line between Hell's Kitchen and Times Square and houses 5 different adorable theatres, a couple rehearsal studios, and a tricked out lounge/bar for before and after shows. They let me do things like pretend i know how to create html and use Adobe software. And for the past week, they've been letting me use their brand new Canon EOS REbel T3i (drool/swoon/die) to go around taking photographs for the company website. I am here to post some of my favorite, but perhaps not marketing friendly, shots of the space.
Second: the company is run by these 2 Albanian brothers who are just the sweetest men on the planet, and i'm not sure what language they're yelling when their family is here, but it. is. beautiful. Music to my ears. It's like Russian Portuguese.
And now: The photos.

God bless New York City.