Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Producers' Club

First: a little background.
The Producers' Club exists on 44th St, straddling the line between Hell's Kitchen and Times Square and houses 5 different adorable theatres, a couple rehearsal studios, and a tricked out lounge/bar for before and after shows. They let me do things like pretend i know how to create html and use Adobe software. And for the past week, they've been letting me use their brand new Canon EOS REbel T3i (drool/swoon/die) to go around taking photographs for the company website. I am here to post some of my favorite, but perhaps not marketing friendly, shots of the space.
Second: the company is run by these 2 Albanian brothers who are just the sweetest men on the planet, and i'm not sure what language they're yelling when their family is here, but it. is. beautiful. Music to my ears. It's like Russian Portuguese.
And now: The photos.

God bless New York City.

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