Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LA Weekly should hire me because i know more than they do

Just sayin'. This past week's issue was dedicated to LA Fashion, which plenty of insiders claim doesn't exist. Maybe it doesn't. Our Fashion Week is a joke. Our boutiques are eh. Designers are not exactly flocking here in droves. But LA style...now that's a thing. And it informs fashion everywhere, from Tokyo to Paris, and even in New York, although they'd never admit it. Broads walking down 11th Ave in baggy denim shorts, gladiator sandals and messy buns owe it all to the Hollywood streets. And everyone in skinny jeans can start thanking us via email anytime they're ready. For today's post, some of my favorite runway looks and worldwide trends that owe it to LA. Love them or hate them, they're here because of us. (PS most of these shots are not original, which is not something I plan on doing often. I'm just trying to prove how far reaching street style is, and they don't really let me photograph Jill Sanders' runway shows.)

The Casual Long Skirt:

Fashion Furries:

Look around. i believe i've made my point.

[photos courtesy of Stylish Wanderer, Sartorialist, Jill Sanders Spring 2011, Givenchy Fall 2011, SpiritHoods.com, Ke$ha, and photobucket media]

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