Thursday, August 4, 2011

Santa Monica's flag should be red, yellow and blue

So my mom and i are driving to Malibu last weekend, and we shot through that tunnel going West on the 10 where you emerge suddenly flanked by hot bright sand and freezing blue water on the left and the sheer sides of cliffs (and industry) on the right when she's all, "You know, I've never been to Santa Monica."
The pier? The promenade? The...none of it? For serious?
So this week i took her out. We hit it all up, and then some.
We saw parrots and arcade games and well dressed locals. We saw dancing girls, and rode rides upon rides upon rides - read: the ferris wheel once. It was scary and expensive. And for today's viewer challenge, see if you notice a color theme. Winner gets a million dollars. P.S. i'm a liar. P.P.S. they're primary.

Thanks for the good times, mama

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