Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parallel Synchronized Randomness

My favorite movie ever made, out of the dozen that i've actually seen, starring Gael Garcia Bernal, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Golden the Ponyboy, directed by Michel Gondry - God of all things moving, beautiful, and weird, discusses the theory of PSR in some detail, using aerial footage of Paris streets, Barbie dolls, and stop motion graphics on a chalkboard, as well as Gael's gorgeous face.

Basically it's like more than one person thinking the same thing at the same time for no reason other than the universe's habit of running on a mathematical system too complex for humans to understand, although we are faced with the undeniable results. These results include: the sidewalk dance, yawning in unison, and this year's Fashion Week collections shown in Milan, London, and New York City by Prada, Marni, and Louise Grey to name a few (and my favorites).

Marni in Milan (The Sartorialist)

Louise Grey (Style Bubble)
Prada in London (The Sartorialist)

So, where is all this passion for baubles and 3D fashion fun coming from? Are you all copycats? More likely, we all get bored of the same things around the same time. Just let me keep wearing stockings with high-heeled shoes and i'll be happy. Thank you, fashion.

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