Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Big Apple

Here are a couple little secrets about the New City of York:

1)   Arranging to meet somebody “by the televisions” in Times Square is really, REALLY stupid. Moronic, base, inane, and an all around terrible plan. It took me 3 hours to find this person.
2)   Times Square is a bit anti-climactic. Well, it’s dazzling and all but only for a split second. When you realize you’re just looking at a 3-story American Eagle and an obnoxiously lit McDonald’s, the charm fizzles faster than the seltzer in that egg cream you were brave enough to try.
3)   HOWEVER, what makes Times Square worth the visit are all the apparently recently lapsed Amish families of varying nationalities positively swept up in the hustle, bustle and abject, rather intrusive, commercialism. Everywhere are gaping mouths, pointed fingers, and eyes lit up like the giant guitar hanging on the Hard Rock Café. 

It’s rather adorable. So I stalked them.

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