Tuesday, September 20, 2011

speaking of wanting things

i know how badly you all want me. That's why you're here reading, faithfully, week after week. All 6 of you...
Here are some more ways to keep up with me on the internet machine including:
Music reviews!! Boom shaka
fashion news, photos and more reviews! Laka!
What can i say, people crave my opinion. For free, anyway.

More to come for certain as i have a handful of exciting new projects in the works including the publication on actual paper of my writing, some interviews with people whose names you might actually recognize, and film/photography/choreography plans that if not executed soon will eat my brain alive.

In the meantime, to satiate your ktmo craving, check out these awesome photos i picked up from the 7th Ave School flea market on Sunday. Black and white originals that have given me a brilliant interior design idea for the new digs (using the over-long hallway for photography curation) and a new photography venture (i can't tell you or i'd have to kill you.)

yep. one's making a puppet and one is selling monkeys.

Ah, the olden days.

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